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Cuban Rounds Torpedo Maduro Cigars Pack of 20


Embrace the Cuban Rounds Maduro Cigars for their unblemished ability to conciliate the taste palate by providing a medium bodied smoke from start to finish. Wrapped in a mouth watering, dark brown Maduro Wrapper these products are stuffed with short filler Nicaraguan tobaccos that burn slowly and emit a creamy smoke. Buttery to the touch, this Maduro cloak is rolled to perfection by hand. These products are great for those that prefer their smoke to be devoid of sweetness and overpowering flavor, taking delight in the purely traditional taste of natural tobaccos. Predominantly originating out of the Dominican Republic, these cigars render hints of spiciness, earthiness and cocoa in a balanced consistency throughout the entire smoke. These Cuban Rounds are a true blessing to the senses!