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Havana Honeys Rum Cigars 5 Tins of 10


These are cigars that bring the Havana spirit back to life from the past. A personal favorite of many, this series is very mild in its strength profile so it never overwhelms the senses of taste and smell. Made from long filler tobaccos grown in the most fertile regions of Italy and the Dominican Republic, the Havana Honey cigars are swathed by an Indonesian wrapper and held together by a binder that has been grown with care in the lush region of Sumatra. Perfectly imbibing the taste of honey, each of these cigars pack a flavorful punch that is fairly balanced. If you're looking for a short thirty minute smoke, then these well constructed cigars are for you! With a simple draw, the Havana Honeys are difficult to match for their craftsmanship leaves no room for complaints!