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Swisher Sweets Cigars


What if we told you that there was a solution to all of your problems out there? Because it is the mind that creates most of the problems we experience in this lifetime, the perfect remedy to stopping the mind in order to undergo existential bliss is brought to you by the legendary Swisher Sweets Kings Cigars. The sugary sweetness you experience from sparking these goodies up is simply unparalleled, providing the senses with a world of euphoria over and over again. The homogenized wrapper leaf that sheathes these cigars is breathtaking, featuring a gorgeous color and smooth to the touch feel. On the inside, you will find Caribbean Basin Cuban Seed filler, grown and cut to feature a premium, consistent smoking experience from start to finish. The dimensions of this product are 5 inches in length and 40 for the gauge, created in a way to emulate the truly luxurious premium cigar bodies. This listing features 10 packs of 5, each perfectly packaged in order to optimize flavor preservation.