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Quorum Maduro Toro Cigars Bundle of 20


We welcome you to a world where the essence of the smoke is so beautiful and tasteful that you'll have to keep yourself away from trying to pick up the masterpiece that emits it every two seconds. The Quorum Maduro Toro Cigars proudly sponsor a delectable Ecuadorian veneer that seamlessly embraces Nicaraguan filler tobaccos. Thanks to a Nicaraguan binder to top off the recipe, one can now enjoy the Maduro package as a whole from start to finish. Every time this cigar is ignited, one experiences a blissful sensation of cherries, dark chocolate, spices and leathery undertones. Grown on Nicaraguan farmlands, this product is an offspring of perfectly ripened tobacco leaves that yield a medium in strength smoking profile that fails to disappoint. Thanks to the Toro blueprint, many people can now enjoy a universally preferred length of 6 inches and a comforting ring gauge of 50 every time they choose to embark on a recreational smoking journey.