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Quorum Corona Maduro Premium Cigars Bundle of 20


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What's better than an ancient Nicaraguan recipe that finds itself surpassing the limiting chains of perfection? Introducing the immaculately designed Quorum Maduro Corona, a cigar so fine that it forces critics to immediately expand their horizons. Now, what makes these so fine? Is it the Nicaraguan filler tobaccos that fill each stick rather proportionally whilst exhibiting a seasoned flavoring or is it the luscious Nicaraguan sun grown leathery facade that burns so smoothly that the throat gains instant respect for the product itself? Or maybe it's gorgeous binder? Well, one can reasonably argue that it's the grandiose combination of all of the aforementioned aspects of the cigar itself. A size of 5.5 and a gauge of 43, the Corona exhibits one of the most popular design blueprints on the market, making this an incredible choice for any occasion.