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OHM Filtered Cigars 10 Packs of 20


The OHM Cherry Filtered Cigars have been specially crafted in order to emulate the taste proffered by the tarty berries, a perfect finish to a full course meal. Comprised with an attached filter, which is designed to extrude any unwanted byproducts of combustion each stick is made with optimal design in mind. Its seamless construction is endorsed by a gorgeous homogenized wrapper leaf that contains the ripened tobacco leaves inside and allows for a delectably aromatic smoke to leave its tip upon ignition. Made carefully in order to burn slowly and consistently, each of these filtered cigars is indeed the best bang for the buck. OHM packages their Cherry blend into 10 packs of 20 in boxes that preserve their integrity, protecting them from damage that can be accrued from rough treatment. If you're looking for something worth smoking, look no further.