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Macanudo Petit Corona Cigars 5 packs of 5


What is it that makes the Macanudo Petit Corona Premium Cigars so illustrious? Well, allow us to begin with the design. It's down-right splendid, featuring a slimmer body profile for people that prefer the smaller size. Now, let's talk a little about the crux of this product. To begin, we need to dive into the type of wrapper these masterpieces are comprised of. Made of the elegant Connecticut Wrapper, each of these sticks boast a premium, unblemished veneer that sponsors a seamless blueprint. On the inside, you will find a fair combination of ripened Mexican and Dominican long filler tobaccos, which burn steadfastly and evenly from start to finish. Bound by exclusively grown Mexican leaves, the binder of each of these products is both aesthetically appealing and technically practical. Originating out of the Dominican Republic, the construction of each of these Petit Coronas is one that has been revered for ages and will continue to be held to high esteem for years to come. The mellow strength promoted by each of these smoke sticks is gentle on the palate, whilst pronouncing elegant flavors throughout the smoke that make themselves known beyond a point of doubt.