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Kashmir Papers 1 1/4 Original $0.99 Jar 100ct.


We have run out of stock for this item.

The Kashmir Papers 1 1/4 Original are the epitome of great construction, featuring a splendid aesthetic profile, which is hard to supersede. What makes them so great is that they lack chemicals that may be less than desirable, making their natural ingredients a highly revered feature. Relatively cheap compared to their competition, these papers are the perfect solution for anyone that wishes to fill them with one 's top preferred legal herb. Allowing for an even distribution of herbs within, each of these papers render an even burning distribution and a solid all-around construction. So, should one consider these above competition? Well, consider the following: Kashmir is known for making the highest in quality papers in the world, with the best ingredients and an aptitude for the creation of top notch smoking material. This listing features a 100 count jar, making it easier for the preservation of long term freshness and integrity of all of the papers found within.