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Good Days Factory Rejects Toro Cigars Box of 50


2 reviews

What other way can you save money on premium smoke sticks? No other way unless their flavor has been compromised. However, with these, you will meet little compromise. These products have been rejected from the factory for not meeting 100% of the stringent protocols; however, because a small 1% deviation, which may not be noticeable to the naked eye may suffice to expel these goodies, your satisfaction is still completely guaranteed! On the inside, these Good Days Factory Rejects Cigars boast premium Dominican filler tobaccos that are medium bodied in their strength profile and still suffice to cast a blissful experience upon the palate. Machine rolled, each of these smoke sticks burns with impeccable consistency and renders an easy going draw that never overpowers the senses. If you're looking for a premium tobacco taste from your products, look no further! This listing features the Good Days Factory Rejects Toro Cigars Box of 50, perfect for long term flavor preservation.