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Don Tomas Fine Coronitas Maduro Cigars 10 Packs of 10


We have run out of stock for this item.

Don't have the luxury to take delight in a smoking for a prolonged period of time but still wish to experience a high quality smoke proffered by a blend of tobaccos that are the top of the line? Choose the Don Tom‚ Coronitas, cigars that are smaller than their bigger brothers but still yield the same great smoking experience. Handcrafted in Danli, Honduras, this cigarillo family provides the tobacco market with smooth, silken cigarillos that render a perfectly balanced mild to medium bodied smoke. As they burn slowly and consistently, take a moment to appreciate the undertones of sweet spices that emanates from the cigarillo's burning tip. Wrapped in Cuban seed natural wrappers, these cigars will never overpower the senses with a harsh taste, for their flavor balance will always be just right. Experience these down-right appetizing cigars now, for their mouth-watering flavor will be impossible to match with other cigars.