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Davidoff Mini Cigarillos Platinum 5 Packs of 20


We have run out of stock for this item.

When you research the Davidoff Mini Cigarillos Platinum, you quickly learn that they are comprised of splendidly blended long filler tobacco leaves that have been ripened to a state of perfection in the Dominicas. Veneered in a premium brown Ecuadorian wrapper leaf, these cigarillos are seamlessly finished, allowing for a consistent burn. Mild in strength yet creamy to the taste, this Davidoff product boasts a lighter smoking experience that doesn't leave anything out in the department of flavor delivery. Allowing for a creamy smoke, these short Cigarillos boast a size of 3.43 inches with a ring gauge of 22. With a great construction and draw, these Davidoffs are rather sturdy for their complexion; this allows them to preserve quality and freshness over prolonged periods of time.