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Cuban Rejects Torpedo Maduro Cigars Box of 50


We have run out of stock for this item.

The Cuban Rejects Maduro Cigars usher in bouquets of flavor because of their sugary cloak, which coats the senses with a sweet delight. Their texture is silky and oily, giving ways to nutty and earthy accents on the finish. Made of only the highest in quality ingredients, these smoke sticks boast a solid construction, allowing for a simple draw and a consistent burn. Medium bodied from start to finish, these products have been aged in order to reveal a stronger flavor essence. The Cuban Rejects are a byproduct of Ventura Cigar Company, ejected from their regular lineup due to miniscule aesthetic blemishes. There is no compromise on the quality, however, since the ingredients used are never sub par and always the same as the accepted smoke sticks. The deal here is the value, for you get these at a fraction of the cost compared to other smoke sticks. This listing features the Cuban Rejects Torpedo Maduro Cigars Box of 50, optimized for long term flavor and taste preservation.