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Cuban Rejects Toro Natural Cigars Pack of 20


Bask in a delight that has been grown under a cloth for the protection from the sun, professionally engineered for those that wish to experience a medium bodied smoking session. The Natural Wrapper that veneers each of these smoke sticks is devoid of any flavors besides that, which naturally emanates from the tobacco leaves. Rolled with top of the line Nicaraguan long filler tobaccos, each of these products is blessed with a high quality recipe that is hard to match. Rejected from the factory due to minor aesthetic blemishes, we promise that you will be 100% satisfied with the quality provided by each of these products since there is no compromises on the flavor or taste. With an incredible draw and a burn, you will be afforded a smoking experience provided only by the heavens when puffing on these goodies! These Cuban Rejects Toro Natural Cigars are truly impeccable, for their parent company, Ventura Cigar Company cut no corners when producing them!