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Cuban Rejects Toro Natural Cigars Box of 50


We have run out of stock for this item.

For those that seek out a medium bodied or mellow smoking session should highly consider the Cuban Rejects Natural Cigars. Thanks to a fabric that covers the tobacco leaves from an overpowering sun, each of these render a lighter flavor delivery for those with a gentle palate. The Natural Wrapper boasts a taste reminiscent of only the tobacco plants themselves, devoid of any other flavors unlike what the Maduro Wrapper may offer. Rejected from the factory due to a slight deviation from protocols, which may reflect minor aesthetic blemishes these products never compromise on taste or flavor. The only thing that you'll see a compromise on is on the value, for we sell these at a fraction of the price! Enveloping high quality Nicaraguan long filler tobaccos, each of these Cuban Rejects are a byproduct of the Ventura Cigar Company, which is known for high qualitative practices. This listing features the Cuban Rejects Toyor Natural Cigars Box of 50, optimized for the best flavor preservation.