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Signal Filtered Cigars 10 Packs of 20


What's better than a tangy cherry flavor to complement your dessert, especially if it's coupled with a glass of the finest wine? Nothing. The illustrious Signal Strawberry Filtered Cigarettes come from the nutrient dense lands of North Carolina - grown to perfection due to a combination of high quality soil, humidity and sunshine. Concocted from the finest premium natural tobacco, these tangy cigars are infused with the taste of a sweet cherry that is underpinned by an original tobacco flavoring. Made from an amalgamation of three different types of tobaccos, these cigars are encompassed by a traditional homogenized tobacco leaf. Their aromatic essence is equally distributed throughout the smoking experience in its entirety, for they are seamlessly rolled in order to render an experience of consistency in burn and flavor alike. Mild in strength, these filtered cigars tantalize the senses perfectly since their filters perfectly eradicate all of the unwanted byproducts of combustion. These cigars are very solidly constructed, with a seamless wrapper that is tightly rolled around the comprising filler tobacco in order to preserve freshness and quality for prolonged periods of time. With an easy going draw, these products are guaranteed to deliver a satisfying, fruitful experience all the way through the end of the smoke.