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Blackstone Tip Cigarillos 20 Packs of 5


Enjoy a plastic tip cigarillos that offers a thirst quenching smoke. Made from a premium tobacco wrapper that has been exclusively grown in Indonesia, Blackstone boasts a mellow but sweet taste once ignited. This sweet taste is brought to you by the Virginia tobaccos that comprise this majestic product, grown with care to perfection. Mild in strength, this product renders a bouquet of satisfying flavors without overpowering the senses. These immaculately constructed cigars yield a draw so perfect, their consistent and even burn will be difficult to beat. Tobacco Stock offers these cigars in 20 packs of 5, exclusively available in Cherry, Peach, Vanilla and Wine.

Exclusively tendered by Swisher International, Blackstone's headquarters are located in Darien, Connecticut. Grown on fertile plantations, the tobacco comprising these cigarillos is always top of the line in quality.