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AyC Grenadier Minis Cigars 5 Packs Of 5


The AyC Grenadiers Minis Cigars are the perfect smoke for consumers seeking a succinct nicotine craving suppressant that allows for the consumer to embark on a journey of fulfilled wonders. Established by a company that has been high in consumer satisfaction rankings since 1879, the AyC Grenadiers Minis Cigars will never dissatisfy a smoker looking for a fairly mild taste. Bound by Connecticut sheet natural, Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro and Java natural wrappers the AyC Grenadiers Minis Cigars are a natural alternative to experiencing heaven with every puff of an impeccable tobacco. Tobacco General offers low prices and a satisfaction guarantee on these AyC Grenadiers Minis Cigars to satisfy the utmost fastidious consumer demand.