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Acid Blue Cigarillos 15 Pouches of 3


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Popular for their ultra mild profile, the Acid Blue Cigarillos boast a creamy smoke that never falls short of delivering just the right amount of botanically infused flavors. Engulfed in a Candela and a Sumatra wrapper that renders a perfectly seamless commingle, these cigarillos never fall short of yielding just the right deliverance of aroma. Originating from the Dominican Republic, this product is comprised of the highest in quality tobacco ingredients that are available on the market today. With a solid construction and a simple draw, these cigarillos are designed to match the quality of their more luxurious bigger brothers without compromising when it comes to quality. For those that don't have hours to spare but wish to experience the traditional bliss that comes with contemporary premium cigars, the Acid Blue Cigarillos are more than just the perfect choice.